Michael Schumacher: There is no prize for driving fast

How can seven times world champion and Formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher become Europe's Ambassador for road safety? We asked him Wednesday in Strasbourg, where he was launching a road safety campaign and explaining how eSafety equipment can save lives.
You are in the EP to back intelligent transport systems for all new cars. How can technology improve road safety?

It's amazing to see what has happened in the last 10 years. Previously we only had airbags and electronically controlled systems. Now you have night vision, you can see children running across the road, you can avoid an accident that you don't see but the car does. And I feel much safer these days. We are all human, we all make mistakes…So I think technology is a great asset days. If your car can help you, that's great.

Technology can't do it all. What do you recommend to European drivers?

Well, first of all there are rules; they are there for a reason. We have countries like Germany where you can still drive fast and you can do it safely. A good driver is somebody who drives safely, which means driving with the brain rather than showing that you drive fast. Nobody really cares about that. There is no point, there is no prize money. You'd better take care of people, because that’s what really counts.

You drive at 300 km/h and have been involved in serious accidents on the Formula 1 track, are you comfortable in the position of ambassador for safety?

Indeed. Because I believe that people have much more trust in my words than any politician's recommendations. I have a lot of experience and therefore, I guess, I can give very good advice.

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