Bodies in Urban Spaces by Willi Dorner

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Bornay Two-Blade Small Wind Turbines

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything new in the world of small wind, but I recently noticed that Bornay turbines from Spain are now distributed in the United States. The company has several models, including two-blade models rated at 600 watts, 1500 watts, and 3000 watts, and a three-blade model rated at 6000 watts. The Bornay 1500, for example, is about a nine-foot turbine that weighs 90 pounds and cuts in at winds of six mph. The 1500-watt kit is sold for $20,000 by Electrex Industrial Services.

[+] Video: how Bornay produces small wind turbines.
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Pavilion Style House with glass walls and organic interiors

We love the light, open quality of this pavilion style house by Washington based architect Robert M. Gurney. Right in his own backyard of Washington DC, Gurney designed this cool glass house, which appears as a floating roof among nature, bringing a little modern mystique and contemporary style to the countryside.
Built on the property of an existing house and surrounded by mature trees, landscaped gardens and a swimming pool, this pavilion was meant as a transition point between "man made" and "organic." Made for year round use, this glass wall house offers unobstructed views of the pool and gardens through any season. But beyond the breathtaking picture window panoramas, the invisible glazed facades are actually pivoting doors that rotate to open the interiors to the great outdoors, bringing an alfresco air to the indoors.

This space is definitely a dream home for the outdoor enthusiast out there! The minimalist interiors clearly connect man to nature through elements like the mahogany walls, Douglas fir ceilings, blue stone floors, and a stunning fireplace feature that surely warms your heart as much as it warms the room.

Once inside, you can never escape the feeling of being exposed to the elements, purely by virtue of the ever present views.

Even from the outside, this natural house blends into its surroundings, but still stands out for all the right reasons. The glass walls offer a see through view of the interiors and nature on the other side, while elements like stone walls complement the surroundings.

Robert M. Gurney
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Luxury Hotel San Antonio

San Antonio is a distinctively impressive luxury 5 star hotel with Caldera view in the narrowest point of Santorini in Greece. A rough diamond generously polished resting on a natural volcanic plateau in the picturesque village of Imerovigli and near the Unesco Heritage Village of Oia. San Antonio 5 star boutique hotel is a luxury retreat in Santorini with an unrivalled sea view of the azure Aegean Sea and the volcanic Caldera. Nestled in Santorini’s delicate neck in the popular village of Imerovigli, this inimitable 5 star boutique hotel in Santorini Greece offers sublime luxury in the most intense natural surroundings.

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LED Chandelier Miracle by Le Porcellane Home & Lighting

Le Porcellane Home & Lighting has added a new LED chandelier to their collection - called Miracle chandelier. With the help of Studio Carlo Bimbi Design, they were able to create a wondrous, 12 point, three dimensional, porcelain star. It shines life into the lights, giving them a unique appearance. This pleasing, yet complex shape is equipped with LED lighting technology and bound to metal chrome structures - the contrast of materials adding to its beauty. Go to Le Porcellane for more information about the Miracle chandelier.
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Lovely Boutique Hotel in Sicily, With a Powerful Design Personality 
The charming Monaci delle Terre Nere boutique hotel has a unique personality and an interior design that captivates and inspires. Located on the island of Sicily, the stunning looking villa (once inhabited by monks ) takes in the healthy countryside air of a region famous for its wineries. The current owner of the place purchased the small property a few years ago and decided to invest in its potential. Guido Alessandro explains: “I felt the place was too big for myself and I had many friends coming and going. So I thought I may as well open it up to people. It gives me joy to have people stay here and enjoy the place. We had an architect who helped us with the the interior design. But the idea behind it comes from my girlfriend and myself. I decorated the house with different things I have collected over the years, especially paintings from the British-Brazilian artist, Olivier Mourao.” Lovely inside and out, the villa features natural construction materials, making it blend perfectly in its impressive 40-acre organic farm surroundings. Find its design as soothing as we do?

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