The Mystique Hotel in Santorini

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Urban Redevelopment Project at Tainan Main Station Area, Taiwan

The vision by Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning responds to the extending aim of positioning Taiwan in general, and Tainan city in particular, as a major historical based tourism destination, contributing Taiwan’s economic diversification from its current infrastructure lead planning system.

Tainan main station master plan is imagined as a cultural based community and nature intervention, with sustainable residential development and the potential for natural habitat areas. It aims to be a cultural and vibrant edutainment intervention as well as a secluded haven of peace and tranquillity. Tainan main station is conceived as a new gateway of Taiwan’s history.

The proposal aims to reconcile community and biodiversity. It will act as an eco-transitional urban device, transferring and linking the diversity of the surrounding urban districts and programmes. The concept behind the master plan proposal derives from the area’s original function as transportation node. The proposal will maintain the areas historical identity, whilst providing a boundary free and a self-sufficient urban planning, incorporating a number of sustainability systems.

Project Team: Max Yang, David Millar, Samya Kako

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Concrete Beautiful pieces from Elke Kramer jewelry are displayed in Nicole Rose's film.

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Videos: 2013 BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible

New footage of the new BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible was released by BMW. The 2013 M6 Coupe and M6 Convertible went to Malaga, Spain, to be driven by journalists from around the world. Both M6 models make use of the S63Tu engine, a 4.4-liter unit with an output of 560 hp (412 kW) at 5,750 – 7,000 rpm, and maximum torque of 500 lb-ft (680 Nm) on tap between 1,500 and 5,750 rpm. The rev limiter intervenes at 7,200 rpm.

The engine is mated to a 7-Speed M-Double Clutch Transmission and an innovative Active M Differential. In 2013, a manual transmission will be offered to U.S. customers.

0 to 62 mph is achieved in 4.3 seconds while the spring to 124 mph (200km/h) takes only 13.1 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph (250 km/h). 
The BMW M6 Convertible will be the first of the two new M cars to arrive in US BMW Center showrooms. The M6 Convertible arrives this June and will be priced at $113,995 (including $895 Destination and Handling). 2013 BMW M6 Coupe will arrive in late summer and will carry Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices of $106,995 (including destination and handling).

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Cantilevering Swimming Pool Embedded In Residential Layout

Casa Vale Do Lobo borrows the name from its proximity to the Vale do Lobo luxury beach and golf resort in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal. Focusing attention both on the white architecture pierced by glass walls and on the extraordinary swimming pool, architect Vasco Vieira of Arqui+Arquitectura composed a light-flooded modern architectural masterpiece. Extending the house in a U-shaped floor plan, this fascinating water feature cantilevers and flows into the pool below. From the wooden deck connecting the pool and the house, owners and guests can enjoy the surroundings, while the interiors were designed on several levels, challenging everyone to experience different vantage points from which to observe the natural surroundings and the man-made pool structure. Found on TrendsNow, Casa Vale Do Lobo displays inventive, unique features adapted to the specific site conditions and client brief, resulting in a breathtaking composition.

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Havøysund Tourist Route by Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Description from the architects: 

The objective is quite simply to single out and magnify the experience of walking from the roadside down to the seaside at this very special place. Therefore a chief concern was to slow down this movement and make the path itself a means of refocusing the experiential mode: a measured, restrained approach that creates awareness.

The primary functional concern was universal accessibility. Instead of opting for a dual solution with staircase and ramp, we came up with the notion of making the ramp the common entryway and develop it into the integral character of the project. Because of the inclination of the site, and in order to create the reductive motion, the ramp had to be very long. The winding river of the path prolongs the approach and in so doing opens up new perspectives and experiences for the visitor.

Located in the extreme north of Norway, in a landscape almost lunar in its barren and inhospitable beauty, the facility should ideally be completely self-sustainable in terms of power input and waste output. The general notion was to create a human detail in the vastness of the landscape that is as timeless as the landscape itself and that brings attention to the relationship between the duration of experiences and the hugeness of the spatial circumstance.

Reiulf Ramstad Architects have completed a winding concrete ramp to facilitate walking from the roadside down to the seaside in Havøysund, Norway.

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