Tempting Eve by Vishesh Verma with Amanda Rodrigues Valero

Beauty and the Beasts. She seeks protection by wearing the Royal Bengal Tiger bracelet mounted in sterling silver and plated with 18-karat yellow gold that bears enamelled leafy motifs, with two tiger heads at the terminals holding a pink heart crystal. The sterling silver,
gold-plated ring has a graphic motif of a panther highlighted with enamel, amethyst, pearls and turquoise.

Heaven on Earth. The divine siren emerges from the blue waters in a fairytale-like setting at sunset. Illustrating the warm hues of the natural setting, her necklace displays an organic, 50-carat Mexican fire opal set with 1,300 diamonds of 11.15 carats. The magnificent sunflower necklace pays homage to Dysis, the Greek goddess of sunset.

The Perfumed Garden. The forest nymph is togged up in floral cuffs. Depicting fresh snowfall on a winter morning, the lotuses have orange sapphire petals and the French enamelled leaves have been sprinkled with diamonds. Named after Cheimon, the Greek goddess of winter the organic cuff shows off delicate tsavorite-set stems. Portraying a contrasting look is the cuff Antheia, named after the Greek goddess of flowers. Centred on an intricately carved 38.3-carat coral, the cuff bears delicate gold petals with diamond details that transform into a beautiful marigold. The French enamelled and tsavorite-set stems complete the bracelet with three coral buds.

Flower Power. She’s decked up to salute the morning sun. She wears a necklace focussed on a bloom created with 40.36 carats of mother-of-pearl and 5.1 carats of moonstone petals, surrounded by tsavorite leaves. The delicate and fresh necklace, which borrows its name from the Greek goddess of morning Alectrona, employs 4 carats of diamonds.

Paradise Regained. The world is her garden. Happy in the cover of trees and flowers, she wears a nature-inspired necklace, named after the Greek goddess of beauty Charites. The glorious neckpiece is shaped in the form of a swing and is lavishly decorated with carved 40.13 carats of coral flowers with diamond dewdrops and French enamelled leaves. A majestic peacock on the swing unfurls its feathers, ready to take off.

Back to the Basics. The exotica girl prefers to don sterling silver Gazelle earrings plated with 18-karat gold and brought to life by vivid enamelling, and accented with corals, pearls, and crystals.

Tempting Eve

When fashion meets art, the results can be spectacular and surreal. Fashion designers today are no longer hesitant to cross the line and give vent to their artistic expression through various mediums. Global fashion icon Manish Arora recently came up with two editions for Amrapali, while textile and fashion designer Smriti Bohra unwittingly steered into the jewellery field, and today is the creative head of Jewels Emporium, Jaipur. ADORN showcases the distinctive styles of these gifted souls, who have depicted flora and fauna in all their splendour.

Photographs: Vishesh Verma
Hair & Make-up: Daniel Bauer
Styling: Tia Paranjape
Model: Amanda Rodriguez Valero ( Inega Model Management

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